A list of history research paper topics to avoid

Some topics that you don’t want to write about include:

  • those which do not interest you or
  • those which may offend your readers. For example: you may want to steer clear of certain historical religious topics if you know that your readers will find them offensive
  • you can avoid topics that may be too sensitive or too controversial for your audience too

Consider the example history topic below:

Nuclear Testing

Nuclear testing began in 1951 and the first atomic explosion was a part of Operation Crossroads, taking place in 1946. In early 1956, Operation Teapot had commenced another series of atomic tests, which totaled twelve nuclear bomb explosions. In 1957, a series of atomic bomb tests took place code-named Operation Plumbbob; it involved over thirty consecutive nuclear explosions. By this period in history, the arms race was in full swing and the Department of Defense had determined it was only a matter of time before most likely the Soviet Union would drop an atomic bomb on American soil. This fear of imminent destruction by the diabolic Soviet Union coupled with American triumphant successes in nuclear technology was rampant and thus fueled the nation’s fanaticism for American scientists’ quest for godly powers – nuclear weapons.

The experiment was code-named Project 57 and was headed by the Atomic Energy Commission, the Air Force, as well as the EG&G. They attempted to ascertain the effectiveness of the nuke by simulating an airplane crash, which involved the XW-25 nuclear warhead. In the experiment, it was clearly understood by the American scientists that the land surrounding the area – ‘space’ – would be covered in plutonium, a radioactive material that would not decay for nearly twenty five thousand years – ‘time’ – however they continued their quest for mastery over Earth. These pure acts of domination of ‘space and time’ have their philosophical underlying foundations in Christianity; herein an appropriate parallel can be made with Genesis (1. 28.) that recognizes and legitimizes man’s authority to subdue Earth and everything on it. This subconsciously has reinforced the mostly Christian American scientist’s view of their relation to Earth and their quest for nuclear weapons. During this period in history, there was a gigantic stream of successful nuclear explosions and the public’s reverence for American scientists only served to empower the scientists with the sense of omnipotence and of powering space and time - both of which are emblematic characteristics of the god complex and run parallel with God’s powerful demonstration of the Great Flood in the Biblical Story of Noah’s Ark. In essence, the idea of controlling and damning Earth is strongly connected with biblical scripture; thus this continual quest for nuclear weapons resulted in American scientists mirroring God of the Bible. Through their quest for nuclear weapons the American scientists controlled ‘space and idea’ with their permanency and destructive nuclear weapons to ultimately be entrenched with the god-complex.

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