Helpful Instructions For Writing A Criminal Justice Research Paper

Writing a research paper for Criminal Justice is the same as writing a research paper of any other field or study. Or is it?

Like any other research paper the topic is going to be very important. The topic should not just appeal to your professor it should also define your interest.

Also remember that the research paper will have a major impact on your grades and you may wish to refer to your work and develop it further at a later stage in your career. Basically you will be living and breathing your Criminal Justice topic for some time.

  1. Always follow the instructions that you have been given by your professor, as these will have been approved by your school or college and will been accredited towards your qualification.

  2. Look at examples of other criminal justice research papers. Preferably find some that have been annotated so you get a good idea of they way they are marked.

  3. Start a Project Diary. All the information you collect will go in this diary. If you make use of this from the start it will save you time in the long run.

    • Add details of important dates for meetings about your work.
    • Add details of your research. Note the papers and case studies that you want to refer to in your document. Add a brief note to self about why you will want to use the information,
    • Also note papers that you looked at but have decided not to use. Again this will save you time later.

Your topic choice is huge. You really are spoiled for choice. Choose the area in Criminal Justice that you feel passionate about. Think in terms of writing a good research paper being like developing and recreating a crime scene.

Ultimately your thesis will drive the content. If need be use a white board to pin all of the information you collect. This is especially good if you are a visual learner.

  • Make an outline of where you are headed with your investigation.
  • Tie up any loose ends as you work your way through.
  • Create a rough draft.

Make sure that as you start working your way through the draft that you detail your thought process (this is where the Project Diary comes in helpful) throughout. This is important as someone else may read your paper and decide to reconstruct it as a basis for their work.

All sections of your paper are important, but the methodology section will stand out as it will demonstrate the process which led you to use the evidence that you have cited. Do not assume that your reader will be able to draw the same conclusions as you, draw their attention to your solution.

Good Luck!

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