The List Of Interesting And Unusual Informative Research Paper Topics To Use For Free

Need a topic for a research paper that is different and informative at the same time? There are dozens of topics to choose from that can help you write a compelling paper. Your interests and what you want to do with your ideas can guide you toward a good topic. There are times brainstorming can help you if your ideas are too broad. Other times inspiration may come from topics readily available. The following ideas can help you get started selecting the right topic for your research paper.

  • Women’s rights. Why did it take so long for women to earn the right to vote? Do you think women should decide if they can get an abortion on their own? What elements are key factors in getting women to earn equal pay?
  • Childhood development. What are effective ways of helping infants and toddlers develop motor skills? Should preschool be offer for free for all children? Do certain foods help children develop mentally more than others?
  • Criminal justice. What options should be considered for drug offenses besides jail time? What other alternatives should be reviewed when a person is not able to afford bond/bail? How many people have served time in prison for crimes they did not commit?
  • The death penalty. How much does it cost the government to execute someone? Should this money be put to better use? Should a person be eligible for the death penalty only when certain crimes are committed?
  • Disabilities. Is enough being done to raise awareness of accidents that lead to disabilities? What are things that happen at child birth that lead to babies developing disabilities?
  • Social Media. What are negative effects social media has on children? Do social media outlets encourage people to connect face-to-face more often or is it easier to just connect over the computer? Who benefits more from social media use: individuals or businesses?
  • Finances. How can people be encouraged to live within their means and not overspend? Why does the government carry so much debt? Will it ever be paid off?
  • Small business. What are most common startup businesses that fail? What are effective ways of getting funding for new small businesses? What is innovative business ideas developed in recent years?
  • Marketing. Marketing concepts that are inappropriate but helped raise millions. When products are being marketed to children: successful versus failed business marketing strategies.

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