Writing a research paper can be a tough gig. So follow these simple rules to keep you on track and make your writing process smooth and easy to complete.

  • Plan
  • Having a good plan before you start is vital. If you don’t plan out your argument, you’ll find yourself losing track. One of the biggest problems writers face is the writer’s block. A good plan can help you overcome your block by focusing you on what you need to do next. Not only that, but a plan keeps your argument solid, which leads us to my next point.

  • Don’t Ramble
  • Rambling tangents are the bane of every paper. Once you start rambling you’ll lose your readers and you’ll lose your own focus. So stick to your plan and don’t let yourself be your own worst enemy.

  • Be Interested
  • When you’re writing a paper, it’s easy to lose heart. It’s a tough, long, process, so don’t make it harder on yourself by doing something you’re not interested in. Don’t choose a topic other people set for you, don’t chose a topic because it seems easy. Choose a topic because you’re passionate about it. If you are, it’ll show on the page and you’ll find writing it to be easier.

  • Be Interesting
  • Don’t write the same paper everyone else has already written. Have something interesting to say, something different. Try to find a slant that makes your paper stick out. Ask the unasked question, find an unusual answer, or even just approach it in a unique way. Whatever you do, make sure that those reading it enjoy the writing. Reviewers and lecturers are humans too, surprise surprise, and they don’t want to be bored either.

  • Don’t Burnout
  • Writing a paper is along job. It requires a bucket load of effort and energy and time. Yes, you want to get it finished, but if you overwork yourself you’ll end up halfway through without the will to complete. Get out, get active, meet people, talk about things that aren’t work, do things that aren’t work. These breaks will be your saving grace.

  • Set Goals and Rewards
  • A really simple way to succeed is to give yourself small, manageable, reachable goals. A few hundred words a day, and then you get that coffee you want. Finish the chapter, and see the new movie that’s out. Whatever it is, have a goal, complete it, reward yourself and repeat until you hit the finish line.

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