What Are The Essential Characteristics Of The Term Paper Front Page Format?

Term papers are usually time-consuming projects that can take several weeks to complete. One of the parts that make them challenging is the part in which you must adhere to the specific rules and requirements set forth by your professor. These can be highly specific, but you can usually get away with just following accepted standards. When it comes to writing the front page, then, you should be okay by following these essential characteristics:

Use a standard and clearly legible font

You should always use a standard sans-serif font that is easy to read both in printed and non-printed forms (e.g., Arial or Calibri). The title should be in all caps but the remaining text should be standard (upper and lower case). Use 12-pt font and double space between lines. If your title is too long consider rewriting so that it takes up no more than two lines.

Enter the title about a third page down

The title should be placed about a third of the page down, centered. As mentioned above you should keep the title to no more than two lines, so if you have a sub-title then you should consider editing so that it’s concise and clear. Remember the title should convey the exact topic of your paper, so don’t mislead your readers with vague information.

Provide your name and submission date

Immediately below the title you should enter your first name and last name. These should be presented in the standard format (upper and lower case) and should never be typed in bold. This is just a distracting tactic that doesn’t really add value to your work. Do not include your name on any of the four corners as you do on all other pages of the document.

Give the course and instructor’s information

At the bottom of the term paper title page, also centered you should include the course information and instructor’s information. Some instructors require you to also include the institution’s information as a means to prepare you for the appropriate documentation that will come up in higher education courses. Check with your instructor to be straight on this requirement.

Don’t use any page numbers, headers or footers

Lastly, be 100% certain of the things that should not go on the title page. There should be no information or content in the headers or footers. The title page is never numbered and you should never include something like an abstract, introduction, or any other section that appears in other places of the work.

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