Great Research Paper Topics Can Guarantee You a Good Grade

Research papers are often the key to getting a good grade in class. If you write a paper that is sharp, original, and is well-defended, it will likely boost your grade for the entire course. Some papers, however, don’t earn a good grade because they don’t discuss a topic deep enough or well enough that’s worthy of an A+.

Finding a good research topic is one of the most essential parts of writing a research paper. While some instructors will provide a list of possible topic, other instructors ask that you find your own subject and topic. Choosing a topic is very critical. You should make sure you understand what your professor expects from you.

Here are some great research paper topics that can guarantee you a good grade:

  • Airplane accidents: When airplane accidents occur, who is responsible for damages? Are families of victims justly entitled to compensation or can mechanical failures or an “act of God” be reasons for airline companies to be free of responsibility?
  • Sports parents: What kinds of effects are we seeing in children when their parents push them in sports? Are effects largely positive or negative? Do other factors that add to these effects?
  • Women in the clergy: In traditional world religions, women have largely been kept out of high-ranking positions of power. Should women be allowed to be priests, ministers, pastors, and rabbis?
  • School uniforms: What are the pros and cons of mandatory school uniforms? Do school uniforms have more positive effects for students of a certain age (i.e., pre-teen versus teen)?
  • Cheap labor: U.S. companies move factories to underdeveloped nations and only have to pay a minimum wage that is barely enough for employees to live on. Is it unethical to pay cheap wages or are U.S. companies actually doing those employees a favor?
  • Feminism: How has the feminist movement changed in the last 20 years? Is it still a relevant movement that young women can identify with?
  • Racial bias in media: Does news covers generally favor Caucasians more than they do other ethnic groups? How are people of different ethnicities covered in different parts of the world?
  • Social anxiety: What are the differences between our perceptions of social anxiety and shyness? Has social anxiety increased in the last 20 years? The last 30 years?

Each of these topic ideas have a large number of potential subtopics for you to research and write about. But be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. The topic you choose should be manageable and have enough sources for you to work with.

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