Interesting College Research Paper Topic Ideas That Will Help You Succeed

When you are deciding on a topic for a college research paper, you need to pick something that you are personally interested in. This way, you will be able to write a much better paper because it will be filled with emotion.

However, interest alone is not enough. You also need to be knowledgeable about the subject. Starting your research from nothing will take a lot of time, and you will most likely miss something important.

Do not choose general subjects like “the Internet” or “psychology of relationships”. They are too wide to produce high quality research papers. In order to write a piece that will make an impression on your professors, you need to pick a narrow subject. The paper must be focused on a single question. This way, you will be able to choose the right arguments that will get your point across, and avoid common research paper mistakes like generalization and repetition of ideas.

Here are some suggestions for good college research paper topics:

  • Feminism: Do women still have to fight for their rights?
  • This paper should explain the steps that have been taken to give women equal rights, and its relevance for society. You will also need to analyze whether these measures were enough to ensure that both women and men are treated the same today.

  • Are media crime reports truthful?
  • Elaborate on the impact that media news reports have on society as a whole. Include a case study where you compare the actual police reports with the information released by the media.

  • The effects of “workaholism” on society.
  • Explain what “workaholism” is, and determine the causes behind this psycho-social phenomenon. Study its effects on the personal, professional, and social relationships of people. You can choose to present the information from two points of view: either a “workaholic” or a close family member.

  • Is the black market necessary to keep the economy stable?
  • Study the mechanics of the black market, and evaluate its influence on the country’s economy. Determine how much the national economy will suffer if this illegal area of business is closed.

  • Is there another solution to the problem of terrorism, or is war the only way?
  • Offer examples of anti-terrorist operations, and analyze them from socio-economic and psychological points of view. Try to create a hypothetical scenario of how war-like operations could be replaced with less violent methods of influence. For example, speak about severe economic sanctions against the countries with connections to terrorists, elimination of the black market, an increase in weapons trade control, etc.

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