Finding An Example Of A College MLA Research Paper

A research paper is a critical academic assignment that requires the students to complete a comprehensive and well-composed paper about a certain subject. The paper does not only contain the data that you gather from other sources and the writings of the other authors but also accounts for your personal observation and evaluation. You have to create a well-thought and well-structured paper so that you can impress your audience and create a good impression. The format of your paper is important when writing such academic papers. You do not only have to make sure that you and the rest of the class follow the same format for the teacher to compare and mark your papers but it also helps in citing your sources. The reader can tell by looking at your paper that where did you get your data from and how can he access it.

The problem with most of the students is that they cannot follow the right format because they think it is something difficult. You will learn during your academic career that different teachers require you to follow different formats and all of them are simple. Some teachers would like you to follow the APA standard style while others might prefer custom formatting or any other standard format. This depends upon the subject you are studying as well as the teacher. MLA stands for modern languages association and is a common format for writing term papers etc. If this is your first time writing a paper following the MLA style, then you should keep several important things in your mind.

  • Always note down the instructions by your teacher on a neat page where you can spot them and follow them easily
  • Look for standard instructions on the official website of the writing format
  • Use expert written samples for your guidance

An example helps reduce your efforts and time because it shows you how something is practically done. You only have to take this sample and copy it for yourself and write your paper. You can use Microsoft word or any other word processor to adjust the margins, spacing and formatting in your assignment. You can find good examples of research papers in the following places

  • The web
  • Your siblings and parents
  • Guidebooks
  • Samples of portfolio of a writing agency
  • The library in your college
  • The official manual for MLA

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