20 Most Popular World History Research Paper Topics For Students

Good topics make for beautifully written papers. It is not easy to find an interesting topic for your History paper as some of the events are not well documented and it is hard to find primary source material on them. However, not all hope is lost. American History has many interesting events that are well documented and they can be explored from fresh, potentially explosive angles. Here is a list of 20 topics that are greatly popular with students and faculties alike:

  1. The Birth of America (American History)
  2. The Boston Tea Party (18th century American History)
  3. The Bill of Rights
  4. The Formation of the US Constitution
  5. The Revolutionaries (18th Century American History)
  6. The Trail of Tears
  7. The Natives/ The Indian Removal Act (American History)
  8. The American Civil War
  9. The conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln (19th Century American History)
  10. Why Abraham Lincoln was assassinated
  11. The Story of a killer: Marry Surratt and the assassination of Abe Lincoln
  12. What caused World War-I? (World History/American History 20th Century)
  13. Why did WW-I lead to an economic boom in the US while the world suffered a recession?
  14. WW-I and Trench Warfare
  15. WW-II as a progression of WW-I
  16. Bombing of Hiroshima
  17. Bombing of Pearl Harbor
  18. The Great Depression and McCarthyism
  19. The Great Depression and Public works
  20. The Civil Rights Movement

Here are an extra few:

  1. Watergate/The Nixon case
  2. The Kent State Shootings 1970
  3. The various revolutions in China (World History)
  4. The Vietnam war

While history is an interesting subject to explore and dive into. It requires extensive research to write a stellar paper. Find all the help you can for your paper and make the most of it. Your supervisor or teachers can be consulted to select a topic you can really bite into. You can also use lists such as this one to choose a topic. One thing to keep you on the right track is your interest. Select and develop a topic that you find interesting. Do not choose a topic for its face value.

While researching and writing a paper can be immensely enjoyable for some, others may find it cumbersome or too hard to do. If you are finding it hard, do not hesitate to get professional help to get you through your paper!

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