Easy Research Paper Topics - A List Of Prompts That Will Come In Handy

Students will often be asked to write a research paper. Because the word research is inserted in the type of essay it goes without saying that you will need to do some preparation beforehand. The belief is that you will have a specific understanding of the topic. You will not write about this topic off the top of your head but rather will study some material to gain ideas and information to produce your research paper.

As always the most important tip is that where possible you choose a topic in which you have a particular interest. It's the old adage that you write well about something you know. It will be an even better situation if you have a passion or love for a particular topic because that will inspire you and your enthusiasm for the topic will shine through in your writing. So if you are given a choice of topic for your research paper, then look for something you know, are interested in or love.

Here is a list of possible research paper topics. One of the interesting things about this list is that you do not have to necessarily choose one specific topic. The whole point of brainstorming is that you take a word or words and then write down every thought you have about that word or words. You can do the same thing with this list of research paper topics. Does one interest you without being the ideal topic for you? If so brainstorm that topic and see how you can produce it in a way that really suits your talents. It is perfectly sensible to adapt a title which you like to something which you love.

  1. Why have the North and South Pole been difficult to reach?
  2. Discuss a daring escape from prison.
  3. What happens when we fail to get enough sleep?
  4. What are the consequences of athletes taking illegal drugs?
  5. Describe the life of a gladiator.
  6. How can forest fires be prevented in today’s scientific world?
  7. Which toys have lasted for generations?
  8. Is there such a thing as bulletproof clothing and glass?
  9. What has happened to airport security in recent years?
  10. How is honey made?
  11. Will eBooks ever replace printed books?
  12. Has the number of wars been reducing in the last 100 years?

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