Interesting and easy criminology research paper topics

Criminology is the study of crime, the causes of crime, the history of crime and how to prevent crime. Criminologists experience a crossover with other disciplines because they study the psychology of the criminals and certain social reasons why crime is high in some areas and low in certain ones. They also study the punishment system in society as well in society and the certain systems where it works and if it can diminish criminal activity.

There are plenty of topics that are interesting for a criminology research paper:

  • Prisons in America
    • Study the extent of certain prison systems.
    • Compare and contrast how prisons are different states.
    • Prisons are very easy to research.
  • The Death Penalty
    • The death penalty is always an interesting topic to write about.
    • The two views on the death penalty are very interesting to figure out.
    • The death penalty is also easy to argue if you’re passionate about either viewpoint.
    • It is also interesting to research if the death penalty is effective against crime
  • Gun Violence
    • Gun violence is an easy topic to research because of how popular this topic is and there are plenty of evidences and current events to back up either side that you are defending.
    • Gun violence is a very touchy subject and one side is a lot more popular than the other side.
    • Since this topic is so popular, it is common to write a paper that sounds like every other paper on gun violence.
  • Media and Crime Violence
    • There are plenty of situations where the media was blamed for crime and other violent actions.
    • The media has gotten increasingly violent and crime has recently gone up.
    • The media has always been violent and there has always been crime, but they have both recently been going up.
    • Criminal Minds
    • The minds of criminals have always been interesting to study for criminology students.
    • Certain psychological criminals like serial killers are always very interesting because of how warped and weird their minds are.
    • They make great research papers because of how in depth the writer can get when writing about the minds of a criminal.

    All of these topics will make great research papers for criminology students to write about. They are very easy to gather information but they are very interesting as well and anyone that loves to write about criminology.

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