7 Places Where You Can Find The Best Term Paper Examples

Undeniably, collecting sources is much more complicated than it used to be. Indeed, there are more resources that are available for beginners. Information can be acquired in several places and the main locations for citing sources will be:

  1. Library
  2. This is the place where you can obtain valuable techniques and concepts in collecting information for your term paper. Take note that if you are searching for older references which may be useful for you, it is advisable to ask the librarian if they still maintain the card catalogs so you can check.

    Books are commonly outstanding resources since they usually have much information collected into one location and these can provide you with more exhaustive investigation regarding your topic.

  3. CDROM or specialized databases
  4. Government documents are presently available on CDROM. In the same way, these typically offer updated data. To know which CDs may be the most useful and can considerably aid you, you may ask the reference librarian. Then, consider signing them and use them.

  5. Internet or World Wide Web
  6. This is a renowned option nowadays. In using the internet, you will have to search by simply typing the titles, authors or keywords. Then you may check if they match what you are searching for. You may switch to another search engine in case you did not find what you are searching for. Do not use a source if you are uncertain that it is credible. Only use credible sources from an agency and government or reputable news source.

  7. Periodicals
  8. These are published on a weekly, monthly or periodic basis. Usually, the most current issues are kept and bound together in the library. You may also refer to newspaper articles. However, these are not allowed to be taken home so you have to photocopy them.

  9. Knowledgeable people in your region, university or community
  10. When working for valuable paper, it is helpful to interview people who are knowledgeable and well-experienced about your topic. These people are actually the ones who can add real meaning and richness to your work.

  11. Primary & Secondary Sources
  12. Primary sources refer to first-hand and original documents like letters and diaries, research studies as well as creative works or the interviews which you conduct. On the other hand, secondary sources pertain to comments regarding primary sources like historical interpretations of letters and diaries or analyses of original research or creative works.

  13. Journals and Magazines
  14. These are written for general public. This implies that they contain some articles which do not introduce a topic in depth. Magazines are written for the general public, so they contain articles that do not present a subject in depth. These are authored by professionals in different fields and these shall provide you with specific and exhaustive information.

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