Can someone help me to create topics for an argumentative research paper

There are many places you can turn when you need help creating topics for an argumentative research paper. You can review your course notes and lectures to look for key topics that you covered. You can reflect on the ideas that may have gone unanswered in your reading. Look through the textbooks for your course and review the headings and subheadings. Is anything of interest to you? Take some time to think about the things that you still want to learn about but never got the time. These are what make for great paper topics.

If you are writing an argumentative essay and in need of great topics then consider the examples below. Remember that the best topic is one in which you have great interest. The more interested you are in the subject the more it will show in your writing. Having an outstanding topic can truly be made by your personal passion and investment in it. No matter the argument you make or the side you take in the issue you need to support it with thorough evidence.

  • Is global warming the effect of humans?
  • Is the death penalty in America an effective deterrent?
  • Is the current election process a fair one?
  • Do certain universities place too much emphasis on the standardized tests?
  • Is there ever an acceptable time for torture?
  • Should the lottery be eliminated?
  • Should men be given paternity leave the same as women are given maternity leave?
  • Is our current taxation system fair?
  • Are curfews effective at keeping teens out of trouble?
  • Is cheating in school out of hand thanks to technological developments?
  • Have people become too dependent on their computers?
  • Are parents aware of the risks of predators on the internet?
  • Should cigarettes be banned?
  • Is it acceptable to use animals in research?
  • Are traffic cameras considered an invasion of privacy?
  • Are test scores an accurate reflection on school competency?
  • Should companies be prevented from marketing to children?
  • Should the government be involved in diets?
  • Does access to birth control limit or prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Should there be a limit to the amount of money actors are paid?
  • Should there be a limit to the amount of money CEO’s can make?
  • Should beauty pageants be eliminated?

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