10 extraordinary social issue topics for research papers

Social issues are great topics to choose from for a research paper. The fact is that there are a lot of issues that our society has to deal with. These issues can cause a lot of trouble because the opinions about these subjects are debated heavily. There are some individuals who support the cause and others that oppose it. Social issues topics are great for persuasive or argumentative essay formats. That is because they are controversial and they have two sides. There will never be a one hundred percent decision made on these topics in our life time and in our children’s life time.

  1. Teenagers use of the internet
  2. Teenagers today use the internet a lot. The internet revolutionized the world of study. Individuals can now do their school work online and continue to maintain a steady full time job. This opened up the opportunity for everyone to go to school online and keep a full job.

  3. Death penalty
  4. There are some states that allow the death penalty. The controversy is over whether it should be illegal to kill someone who killed someone else. It’s one of those weird rules where you are told not to do something and it’s done to you.

  5. Child Abuse
  6. The main issue here is that the system needs to be reformed to allow the children to have the strength to stand up and tell when this is happening to them. What other measures can be taken to prevent the abuse of children?

  7. Welfare system
  8. You can write about whether or not they should revise the welfare system because there are still so many individuals abusing the program.

  9. Stem Cell Research
  10. An embryo has to be destroyed to do stem cell research. Mush like the abortion issue, when is the baby a real person: when the embryo becomes a live person.

  11. Global warming
  12. What should be done now to prevent global warming? Once we get too far, it will be too late.

  13. World population
  14. We are headed for an overpopulated planet. What are some things that can be done to handle the increasing amount of people on our planet?

  15. Racial profiling
  16. This is an issue that is a little touchy. Some states allow a police officer to pull over someone because they look like they are doing something wrong.

  17. Terrorism
  18. With the ongoing threat of terrorists, we can see why this would be a good topic to discuss.

  19. Gun control
  20. Who should be allowed to purchase a gun and how can we get more guns off of the streets?

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