How to Find Fresh Medical Topics for Research Papers

When writing your next medical research paper make sure to pick an interesting and unique topic. Your topic should be of personal interest to you, this would assist you in getting through the writing process. When searching for your next medical research paper topic, some places you can look are academic databases, scientific publications, and online.

Academic Databases

When you start searching for your medical research topic consulting academic databases can be one of the best places to find research and sources. Most school libraries have academic databases, which have organized scholarly publications for students’ use. These scholarly publications and sources can help inspire your next medical research paper topic.

Scientific Publications

If you are looking to write about something contemporary and up and coming within the medical field, looking to scientific publications can result in great topics. Medical magazines and books often discuss the most current developments of medicine. Explore your local bookstore or digital publications to find some fresh medical topics.


Academic databases and scientific publications can be found online, but there are also many other great sources for medical research paper topics available online aside from these. Using a search engine to explore medical topics can help you find new ideas that may not have occurred to you otherwise. Medical videos, articles, documentaries, podcasts and more are available online. All of these can result in great medical research topics.

Here are some great sample essay topics we found when searching these three sources:

  • Do Vaccinations have Negative Effects?
  • Some people opt out of vaccinating their children. Do these people put our masses at risk? Are their fears of vaccination logical? Explore the debate behind the possible negative effects of vaccinations.

  • Breast Implants: Silicon vs. Saline
  • The field of plastic surgery is one of intrigue because patients seek out surgeon’s services to go under the knife; versus most medical patients you see surgery as a last resort. When it comes to breast implants, plastic surgeons have gone back and forth between silicon and saline. Which is better? What are the benefits or possible effects of either?

  • Can You Improve Your Eyesight?
  • When most people begin to lose their eyesight, their solution is a visit to the eye doctor for prescriptive lenses. Although, there is also a handful of people who believe eyesight can be improved through holistic means and physical practices. What is the science behind the possibility to improve your own eyesight?

    Use these medical topic samples as a motivation to find your topic. Find inspiration in the medical subjects that interest you for the most successful medical research paper.

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