A list of health related topics for a research paper

As you have been given an assignment to write a research paper on a health related topic, the good news is that you have an excellent choice from which to select your subject. Anyone following the media will know that today there are constantly health related issues going on around the world. Any one of these issues could be covered as a health related topic for your research paper.

As always, however, you need to choose a topic in which you have an interest or better still a passion and having come up with a topic you must have it approved by your teacher or professor. In most cases they are the person who will be reading and marking your research paper so having them on side right from the beginning is a very good move.

A research paper requires research

As obvious as this is, many students fail to investigate in detail the proposed health-related topic they are to write about. Does it have a great deal of relevant research material to which you can refer? Is this research material easily accessible? Those two questions are vital to the success of your writing. You want your research paper to be produced as quickly and efficiently as possible and yet at the same time you want to have depth and quality in your research paper. A key step in achieving that goal is to hasten slowly.

Take your time in investigating the proposed health-related topic. Once you have decided that there is sufficient relevant and accessible research material you can commence your preparation. This involves reading widely and taking copious notes as well as constructing an outline and placing into the outline the major and supporting points you will make throughout your research paper.

Here is a list of health-related topics which you could well consider for your research paper. Any one of these topics could be brainstormed for further ideas.

  1. How widespread is Chinese medicine in the Western world today?
  2. What have studies on cholesterol levels taught us about modern lifestyles?
  3. Is the BMI or body mass index figure a true indication of a person's healthy weight?
  4. Are there more people with mental health issues today or is it the case that the subject is more widely discussed and investigated?
  5. What developments have been made in the study of aging in recent times?

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