Where to Search for Unexplored Research Paper Topics for History

History is a great subject for essay writing. There are so many topics that despite millions of students working on their papers annually, thousands of interesting issues remain unexplored. Even if you choose a topic that has been researched by someone before, you will be able to write a paper from a unique perspective and use different evidence.

The biggest problem for history students is deciding on the topic they should write about. If you want to find some helpful prompts for unexplored subjects, you should take a look at newspapers and specialized historical magazines. Focus on the things that are mentioned in passing. This way, you can discover a great number of interesting ideas to explore. Once you delve a bit deeper into them, you will definitely be able to find some very interesting topics that few of your peers, or even your teachers, know about.

Original History Research Paper Topic Ideas

Here are a few suggestions you can use when searching for a unique history topic:

  1. The Rwandan genocide as a continental catastrophe.
  2. The road to power in the face of discrimination: African women in politics.
  3. Rise of the Catholic Church through the Dark Ages.
  4. How did the plague epidemic of the 1629-1631 affect Italian merchants?
  5. Bureaucracy in the Chinese society during the Min dynasty reign.
  6. Communism in Cuba: A study of dictatorship.
  7. Socio-economic changes in Russia after the fall of the USSR.
  8. Why are there so many military conflicts in the Middle East?
  9. A study of piracy: From Port Royale to the pirates of Somali.
  10. Pol Pot: Bloody reign and punishment.
  11. Political reasons behind the Cold War.
  12. The influence of philosophers on the French Revolution.
  13. Irish Republican Army: History and objectives.
  14. Urbanization of Australia and its influence on the Aborigines.
  15. Comparison of the prisoner labor camps: the Alliance and the Nazis.

How to Identify a Hot Topic?

Finding some obscure unexplored topic may be interesting, but you will be able to make even stronger impact with your paper if the subject you pick is currently relevant. In order to identify a hot topic, you need to follow the news and subscribe to various publications. This way, you will know what subjects of discussion are the most popular today.

After you identify the areas of knowledge that are popular at the moment, you should search for controversial subjects within these fields. Papers that are bold and daring in addressing the things people try to ignore make the strongest impression.

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