Selecting The Best Research Paper Topics: A Manual For Dummies

The biggest problems that students face while writing a research paper is regarding the topics to be chosen. Since topics are one of the chief elements around which the whole research work revolves, ensure that they are catchy. Furthermore, you should also take care regarding the sources to be used. 90% of success of research paper depends on the topics. Make sure that the subject is relevant and needs scope for investigation in terms of experiments and conclusions. Also think if you can draft it well creating a proper outline.

Following is the list of interesting topics that can serve a great hand to dummies

  • Why some advertisements should be banned? Discuss the topic in interest of public health and morality backgrounds.
  • How much effective the abstinence programs are?
  • Are there any appropriate solutions to stop the wars taking place in the zone of Africa?
  • What are the various reasons that are accountable for airplane accidents? Should appropriate compensations be provided to the families of victims? Who will decide the compensation amount- the government the public or the airplane authority?
  • How airport security can be made better? Are invasive pat downs and body scans enough?
  • What could be the severe effects on teenagers if the drinking age is lowered from 18 to 16?
  • Is modern art is an art or is an irrelevant sketch that does not bear any significance?
  • Why special attention should be given to the athletes and sportsman in schools?
  • What is the significance of beauty contests taking place in society? Is it merely degrading our moral values?
  • How justifiable is breaking laws for a good cause?
  • Discuss the transformation taking place in society due to cell phone usage?
  • Are there more advantages or disadvantages of using internet?
  • Discuss the child soldiers.
  • Why marriage is considered mandatory in our society when civil couples enjoy the same right as married couples do.
  • Isn’t global warming is just being exaggerated? How?
  • How news of cyber crime is spreading more of violence instead of assisting a common man with precautions.
  • Should all educational institutes whether schools or colleges should reward the athletes with cash prizes? Why?
  • Are the laws very lenient to file divorce cases? How we can make them intricate and prevent divorces?
  • Should women still pay focus on their feminism? Is it still required in modern society when they are considered equal to men?
  • Should eunuchs be given the rights to vote? Why, why not?
  • How Generation differences create troubles in our society? Discuss the term in perspective of joint families.

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