Learning how to make a correct research paper format by example

There a number of ways you can go about learning how to do something and one of them is to simply copy. When it comes to understanding and knowing what to do as far as a research paper format is concerned, probably the simplest way is to go online or go to your local school or college library and find an example or two of really well written research papers. Study them. See how the student has set out the paper.

Of course you want to read the content of the research paper because you never know you could learn all sorts of interesting things such as the way the sentences flow together and the way the paragraphs flow together. The actual structure of the research paper can also be studied and used to good effect simply by looking and reading. But in this case we’re interested in the format of the layout of a research paper.

Let's divide your research paper format into different sections

  • The title page which will stand alone and contain all your details and the abstract.
  • The second page which will be the introduction to your research paper.
  • The next however many pages which will consist of the body of your research paper.
  • The conclusion which will be a summary of your research paper.
  • And a separate page for references.

If you think of your research paper as having the sections as listed above, you can make your task of learning how to structure a really good format by looking at examples by looking at the example section online. Simply study the title page and nothing else. See how they structure the title, where it appears on the page and all the personal details. Then if the abstract is contained on this title page, how long it is and where it is positioned.

In the introduction where this is designed to tell the reader what they can expect in the research paper, ask questions. How long is the introduction? Where is placed on the page?

Then move to the body of your research paper and the various points you describe in detail. This is also the section where you can have illustrations, graphs and even possibly images. In the example you are studying, are graphs or figures close by the text which discusses them? By dividing the example of the research paper into different sections you can concentrate on one section at a time.

And finally there will be the separate page for references where any quotations in the research paper will show their details at the end.

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