Where To Look For A Free Research Paper Sample: Popular Resources

Gathering sources of a free sample of a research paper has become easy as more resources are available. Information and samples are found in many educational places.

The Library

Most libraries contain free samples of research papers and all you have to do is search by the subject headings and titles. The library systems are flexible and the computer found there helps in doing quick research by providing more research options.


Books are a great resource. Most of the information in research papers is derived from books. They can provide you with a more thorough result of the paper that you are looking for. The best thing is that a proper research of a book directs you to the author of the sample of research paper you intend to use. This research makes your work easier.


Sections of magazines and journals could contain samples of research papers. All you have to do is look for a magazine or a journal whose main theme covers the topic of your research sample.


Internet research is also an option for finding free samples of research papers. The internet provides many search engine options thus giving you the opportunity to maximize on your results. If you do not find the sample you are looking for on Google search engine you could comfortably switch to Yahoo or Bing and find your results. To save time when using the internet to research, you should use specific keywords that you expect to find on the sample. Read carefully through the results and pick out one that matches your research.

Be careful when obtaining results from personal websites. They might not be professional and thorough as you would expect and most of them carry incorrect information which can be misleading. Ensure you have obtained the free samples from a well known online institution or a specific agency that deals with your research topic.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Samples found on primary sources are the best since they are original. The first hand samples mainly come from notes taken from research studies, interviews, letters, diaries and other creative works. Samples found on secondary sources are derived from historical interpretations and analysis of the original work. These samples are often valid as the content written is derived from the original author.

Knowledgeable people

People with more knowledge often write their own free samples of research papers based on their previous studies.

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