In what style should I format my research paper title page?

Format and style are important to take note of when creating the title page for your research paper. Why? Because your teachers and professors are sticklers for details. One small mistake can cost you an unnecessary point, even for things as small as positioning and font size. Take note of how to make up your title page correctly by following these simple steps.

Margins and space settings

All margins must initially be set up at one inch in your Word document’s page setup setting. Simply do this by going to ‘Page Layout’, and selecting ‘Margins’. From here, calibrate all options to one inch.

You will also set up your spacing as ‘Normal’. This can be found on the ‘Home’ section of your Word document on the right hand side of the menu. (It is usually the first option available. If you don’t see it, just click the up or down arrows until you find it.)

Positioning of the title

Your title must appear in the centre of the page. On a standard Word document, this is 9 spaces down from the top, provided your settings have been configured as shown above. A typical research paper title has two parts:

  • A main title that gives a broader description of the topic
  • A narrower sub-topic part of the title which describes in more detail what area is being studied (this part usually follows after a colon)

Example: Agricultural economics: Looking at reasons why Angola no longer exports wheat.

Bottom information

Four spaces from the bottom, the following information will be typed up:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your class and subject description
  • A written out date in order of month, date, and year
  • Your teacher or professor’s name

Make sure that these points are aligned to the right of your research paper’s title page. You can do this neatly by selecting all four lines, and hitting the tab key until they are situated on the right.


The font of all the text must be in Times New Roman with a size of 12. This is the norm unless your teacher gives you other directions. Don’t be tempted to enlarge your title to make it stand out more. However, you can embolden the first half of your title (everything that comes before the colon), leaving the rest of the font regular.

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