Vital Advice on How to Write a Research Paper on a Book

Writing research papers are one thing, writing a research paper on a book that had been assigned is a similar but very different task. There is a different procedure when doing this type of research paper.  Finding the right balance between summary and research takes a delicate balance.  Some vital advice on this process is included.



  • Read the book. If you have not read the book, then you can’t even attempt to complete the assignment. You can attempt to, but your grade will reflect your knowledge.
  • Take information about book and use as a starting point.  There needs to be a point of analyzed with the paper, not just summarizing the plot.  Focus on that analyzed point and then use the book to back the point.
  • Create a thesis statement, about the analyze point and then research for articles and other books that support this topic.
  • The analyzed point can be a criticism about the book in question.   A theme or ideal that was not fleshed out enough, or overly thought through.
  • Do not summarize the plot points. Use plot points as a support the thesis statements and analyze you are completing.

Using this advice will be extremely helpful when writing a research paper on a book.  Another thing to keep in mind when completing this assignment is to make sure you are also following the  basic research paper basics will also be very helpful in completing the assignment.   The following is a list of basics that are handy for all research papers.  Keeping the above and below advice in mind can really add to the skill level of any paper.



  • Organization, Outline, --Keep your paper in order, you can’t bounce back and forth.  
  • Correct Grammar--If it doesn’t read well, then it can’t be understood.  Using the correct grammar is key to making it have a strong voice.
  • Varied Sentence structure--It has to have a strong voice, and varied sentences, otherwise you will put your reader to sleep.
  • Cited Sources, No plagiarism--This is a no brainer, you can’t put your name on someone else’s work and call it our own.  It’s not fair, not right and illegal.

Taking both the advice and the basics of completing a research paper, you should be able to complete the assignment with no hassles or worries. Remember that research papers are not something that should be done in a day, take your time on them. Good luck on completing the research paper about the book.

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