How to write a prospectus for a research paper: composing tricks

The prospectus for a research paper is the preliminary statement you make about your topic. Writing one serves two purposes. It gets you thinking about your paper early on, and it also lets your teacher see what you have in mind to develop your response to the topic. This can help your teacher suggest you to resources, answer questions, and assist you in making the paper come to life the way you want it to.

If you want some tips about writing this part of your research paper, look no further. Some students don’t realize how easy this can be until they know the steps.

Prospectus Writing for Research Papers

Are you one of those students who tends to leave work until the night before its due? If that sounds like you, then writing a prospectus might be hard to do. You have to do the prospectus ahead of time, soon after the assignment is given. This means that you’ll be thinking about and researching your paper topic long before the last day of the deadline. There are a few specific things that your prospectus needs to have:

  • Topic: this is the general idea that you want to focus on within your research paper. A good topic is essential to writing a great paper. Choose something that you’re actually interested in.
  • Question: your topic is not a question. You’ll be asking a question within the topic you choose. There are hundreds of possibilities for any topic. For example, under the topic of “AIDS studies in America” you could have a question about history of AIDS, correlation between religion and AIDS, or even ask about how art and music can capture the trauma of having this disease. Analyze every possible question that interests you and think of other ways to say the same thing. You want a strong position and to be very clear about what you’re asking. Learn what’s expected from a question within the topic you have.
  • Thesis: this is the answer to your question. All good theses come from well-posed questions, and bad theses come from poorly worded questions. Make sure your question is solid before you come up with a thesis for it. Make sure your paper doesn’t end up being a vague collection of information about something. It all needs to have a purpose, and that purpose should be clear here.

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