Writing A Term Paper About Euthanasia: 5 Strong Tips

All the term papers written have their own pros and cons. Some term paper topics are highly debatable and disagreed by huge group of people. Presenting clear, thoughtful and factual information becomes highly difficult in such cases. ‘Euthanasia’ is one among such topics. It’s because it is a practice of putting an end to patient’s life by means of medications prescribed by the doctor. Some people call Euthanasia as “assisted suicide”.

5 strong tips to write a term paper on euthanasia

  1. Timely start: If you want your topic to be well handled, have plenty of time to collect material through library, professional people etc. Timely start will make you organize your data on euthanasia well. Since this is a topic that is highly controversial, consult various practitioners, eminent experts, professionals, doctors working in this field and talk to them regarding their viewpoints. Visit hospitals and such places where patients have pathetic medical conditions and consider death as the best remedy. Prepare a schedule where you can complete all your tasks before time, so that it does not create any stress. Be alert and avoid working late nights unless you have such habit.
  2. A solid thesis statement: Once you consult, viewpoints of various patients and people working in hospitals, you will be able to frame a strong thesis statement. Such statements automatically compel your readers to go through it. This topic is not only debatable but highly interesting too.
  3. Familiarize yourself with reference materials: Ask librarians and your professors regarding unique and popular reference materials. Since this is a topic used in law too, you can seek lawyer’s viewpoints. Discuss euthanasia in viewpoints of Netherland and other countries of the world. Talk on Euthanasia Laws Act 1997, news and journals available on web etc.
  4. Prepare notes: Buy varied coloured index cards and jot down ideas in different color cards. Write bibliographic information with reference list. This step will assist in identifying footnotes, endnotes, citations and will speed- up the progress of typing the references.
  5. Outline and proofread: Write introduction at the top which is basically thesis statement expanded in the form of paragraph. Ensure it complements the materials compiled. Underneath it, write headings and subheadings and illustrate your points. Revise it again and again as many times till the time you are contented with your term paper. Offer it to your professor for a final look in case any changes need to be made.

In short, plan your research, extract the main points, format it well, always use reputable sources and do brainstorming to go with the flow.

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