Selecting A Sociology Term Paper Topic: Tips And Examples

Writing a term paper on sociology can be very interesting and educational, if you’re keen on observing ways of social interactions between people. There is a variety of topics you can devote your research to, since sociology focuses on a wide range of social processes, from individual behavior aspects to the ethnic groups’ collaborations. However, due to this fact, picking a topic for your own paper can be more complicated, and, consequently, can get you stuck for a long time. To avoid that, remember several simple tips while trying to come up with a good subject to write your sociology term paper on:

  • Make it specific.
  • It is always better to focus on one particular aspect or phenomenon, and study them thoroughly than to write general report on a shallow topic.

  • Make it original.
  • Looking at some example topics can help you a lot when you’re having a writer’s block. However, try to add your own thoughts or put them through your own perspective to create a truly unique research.

  • Make it personal.
  • It’s a good idea to pick a subject you care about. This will ensure that you will enjoy the process of writing a paper on it, as well as do your best to make it perfect.

  • Avoid controversial issues.
  • Choosing a problem that is argued about by many people can lead to your paper getting bad grades. You can never know, who is right, and who is wrong, but you will be forced to side with one opponent.

  • Avoid ideas not supported by your tutor.
  • Now, this one largely depends on your teacher. Some professors enjoy a good argument, others don’t.

Following the instructions about, you will end up with a strong subject for your sociology report. But if you still don’t have a clear understanding of what you should be aiming for, here are some really good sample sociology topics to inspire you:

  1. Abortion and its influence on women’s mental stability.
  2. Consuming premium foods to gain a high social status: an empirical study.
  3. Euthanasia as a defining factor of the society’s development.
  4. Society’s perception of Arab people after 9/11.
  5. A comparative study on smoking rates among civilians and military.
  6. The defining role of hormones in causing homosexuality.
  7. A comparative study on family role models of XXI and XX centuries.
  8. Interracial adoption: possibilities and limitations.
  9. The consequences of having two jobs on the individual’s psychology and physiology.
  10. Emotional violence: effects and ways to avoid.

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