Completing A 6th Grade Research Paper Successfully: A List Of Topics

In 6th grade you will most likely be ready to approach concepts in a more scientific manner than previously. To decide what you should devote your time and energy into researching, you should probably consider the following:

What your teacher would think

If he or she disagrees with the focus of your research, you will probably get a bad grade for it and this is probably not what you were aiming for. It helps to ask in advance what direction your concept can take.

What your parents will think

If the concept you wan to explore requires the use of expensive materials or apparatus, you may not be able to do all that you envision and still remain within the budget. Find out how much you are allowed to try and make sure that you scale your plans to suit.

What you would really enjoy learning about

There’s no reason for your research to be boring. You can learn something exciting about a phenomena that has always interested you and even encourage your classmates to learn about it too. If you really love the field you explore, you may even find yourself making a career our of it when you get older. Even if your focus changes as you age, you might be able to consider it as a hobby.

With these major tips in mind you can begin the process of searching for good topics to choose from. Your ideas will be your own but they may follow a similar track as the ones listed below:

  • How to create glass from sand and heat
  • Constructing a basic circuit from household materials
  • Are modern children capable of absorbing more of the school curriculum if allowed to teach themselves?
  • Does allowing children to cook their own meals result in healthier choices than when school lunches are the only option?
  • Have parents become out of touch with the online personalities of their children?
  • Are smart-phones necessary?
  • Does pet ownership correspond with high levels of responsibility?
  • Are cat people less friendly than dog people
  • Should homework be eliminated completely?
  • Are physical education classes long enough?
  • Can an old dog be taught new tricks?
  • Does homemade bread taste better?

If you are courageous, you can do some of the simpler experiments on your own with barely any supervision. This is how you become more comfortable with the scientific method.

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