5 unique history research paper topic ideas for college students

College students always have a research paper due.  It’s always sneaking up on them from around the corner, threatening them with a bad grade if they don’t do something amazing on them.  Therefore, students always need to come up with a new paper topic, so they can impress the professors.  In order to write great research paper, the student needs to have impressive topics, great writing, and complete research.

Coming up with a unique topic for their history research papers is sometimes a difficult task for the student to do.  Because professors can only read so many of the same old, plain Jane papers that are about the normal topics that student write.  They need to think about having a unique History research paper so that they can impress and help their professors.


  • Students can write about the event of September 11, 2001.  It’s been over a decade; students can look at the events leading up to the tragedy and then the response of the country afterward. Since this was an event that happened so soon, students still have vast options when it comes to writing about that day.
  • A specific technological advancement that came from the Industrial Revolution.  Focusing on an item that may have fallen into disuse, but how it changed the world.  Since the student is focusing on a specific item, and not the whole time period it’s a fresh look on an old topic.
  • A really unique and fresh topic that could really impress the teacher is to write about the Berkeley Mystery Walls.  These walls are along the East Bay of San Francisco.  There isn’t a lot known about the walls, so a history research paper about them would be a real head turner.
  • Another idea for a student to write about is the Vitrified Forts.  These forts were discovered in 1777, and not much is known about them.  The crude structures show evidence of being subject to intense heat, and no one knows why. This would be a great research paper for a world history research paper.
  • Wilkes Land Crater is another possible topic for a student to research for a history paper.  This anomaly is centered within a larger ring structure that is visible with radar images. No one knows much about it, so for a student to work on the research about what the anomaly is.

These topics can be interesting for a student to discover what they are all about and be unique enough to impress a professor.

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