Debatable Research Paper Topics for Psychology Course

As psychology deals with the processes of our minds that cannot be measured with traditional sizing tools, the norms and laws it discovers are always debatable. Every discovery in this sphere has to pass through a series of doubts and debates to be accepted as one that does not require further proof. The longer the law works, the more credible it is considered. It is no wonder that the issues that have arisen recently provoke waves of heated debates. They may serve as winning topics for psychology research papers, so let’s consider some of them:

  1. Is it ethical for a psychotherapist to stop the treatment if a patient does not have the money to pay?
  2. Explore the ethical regulations a grief councellor has to observe. Write about the lines that can or cannot be crossed.

  3. Is it approved by professional ethics to have patients as friends on social networks?
  4. Write about the restrictions in personal relationships a psychoanalyst has to align with.

  5. Is it possible for psychotherapists to be paid by clients involved in the criminal activities?
  6. Diclose the restrictions placed on psychoanalysts by the laws of the country they work in.

  7. Is marital infidelity a marker of problems within a marriage?
  8. Study the markers that herald the decay of a family. Work with real patients to get the most reliable results.

  9. Is homesexuality a psychological deviation? Should it be treated?
  10. Explore the history of homosexuality studies by different social sciences. Give various reasons to prove your opinion.

  11. Can violence in video games cause deviations in gamers’ behaviors?
  12. Conduct a real-life experiment to record the reactions of the gamers. Draw conclusions from the results, as well as other case studies.

  13. Is having fetishes a sign of sexual deviation?
  14. Dwell on sexual deviations people have; prove that fetishism is or is not a sexual deviation.

  15. Are serial killers a result of negative parenting?
  16. Study the stories about the childhood of some serial killers; draw conclusions from the evidence you find.

  17. Getting married – is social pressure more important in making this decision than willingness?
  18. Explore the reasons why people get married by organizing a poll.

  19. Why do some people decide to escape into alternative realities?
  20. Decribe what an alternative reality is, as well factors that make it attractive to escapists.

These topics will stay debatable for long, as they touch on deeply personal issues. If you choose one of them to research, make sure you open your mind and ground the opinion you form with facts you find most reliable.

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