How to find an example of research papers written in APA format: list of suggestions

It is a fact that huge numbers of research papers have been written in the APA format. Any search using any of the resources listed below will help you uncover countless examples of these essays set out according to the rules and regulations of the APA format. The title page, the way references are recorded and notated, the placement of page numbers and a header, the size and type of font, the margins and the line spacing are all basics as found in APA format. If you don't know these basics then you can become familiar with them very quickly by visiting any number of educational websites which explain this method of presenting a document.

You would do well in finding research papers written in the APA format to also read the comments made by the examiner. Yes you may well be studying this research paper example in order to see how the APA format is put into practice. But only if it is done well, if it is done correctly, should you be using these examples as a teaching tool. It is easy and profitable to learn from well written material. It is counterproductive to study work which fails for a number of reasons.

Ways of finding APA format research papers

  • Your fellow students can be an excellent resource.
  • Your school or college library can be an excellent resource.
  • Your college website can have examples.
  • The online community will have hundreds of examples.

Sometimes we tend to think of receiving help from people we know as either being non-existent or of inferior quality. What a mistake this can be. It's a double mistake because it's quite possible the quality of research papers written in the APA format by one or more of your fellow students could be first class. And the double aspect of the mistake is that access to these research papers is simple and free and you will have passed over a golden opportunity. You'll never know if you don't ask.

And another mistake many students make is that because of the accessibility and scope of the material available online, the bricks and mortar building housing your school or college library is sometimes passed over. There are expert librarians available to help if you are willing to make the effort. Explain what you are looking for and accept the guidance and assistance from the librarians.

Many colleges list examples of outstanding work produced by some of their students. Going online to your college's website can prove to be a solid resource for finding examples of research papers written in the APA format. And of course going online in general is another remarkable resource. There will be educational institutions, there will be writing companies and there will be individuals who wish to display their creativity. You will never be short of examples of these types of research papers. You do of course need to be able to distinguish between good examples and those which are not good. You have much to learn from studying excellent examples.

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