20 Winning Topics For Your Next Sociology Term Paper

One of the main reasons why sociology is normally considered a really good subject is because of the fact that you get to interact with people and share ideas, thoughts and stuff that can change lives and make the community a better place. The following are some interesting topics that can really work for you when you are preparing one such paper:

  1. Discuss how South Park sheds light on the nature of the American culture

  2. Go down memory lane and discuss any relevant historical event that might have affected your life

  3. Discuss the nature of assimilation and socialization that takes place when you get into a new school

  4. Discuss how consumer culture affects your choices when you go to the mall or the supermarket

  5. What is wrong with boys crying? Discuss with relation to gender stereotypes that are associated with relationships

  6. Discuss abortion, shedding light on whether it is an efficient means to birth control or heartless murder

  7. Beauty standards in the world today are over the roof. Who should shoulder the blame for this?

  8. Discuss any 5 misconceptions about TV ads that our kids grow up with

  9. Argue in favor or against mainstream schools in the society

  10. Discuss the concept of escapism, bearing in mind virtual reality

  11. Are there more negative or positive effects to affirmative action?

  12. Discuss the plight of women in the society with respect to men in the same social circle. Who are more privileged of the two?

  13. Is there any justification for a man to beat a woman, or a woman to beat her man?

  14. Discuss the following statement: There is nothing domestic about violence!

  15. Working women have often been looked down upon in society for one reason or the other. Discuss whether such women are better mothers than stay at home moms

  16. Wealth has often been criticized for making individuals become less ethical in their interactions with others. Discuss

  17. The TV show 16 and Pregnant promotes teenage pregnancy. Discuss this subject at length

  18. In the event that two people are in love, do they have to necessarily wait until they are 21 or can they be allowed to proceed at will?

  19. Discuss the role of feminism in the moral destruction of America

  20. Should we allow children to change their names in the event that they want to?

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