The 15 Best Research Paper Topics About Youth Gangs

Youth gangs are not that difficult to write on but you will need to come up with a good topic to make the paper stand out from the rest. Here is a list of some of the most interesting topics you can work on. The right topic is very important if you want to get good grades. It will be the first thing that the reader will notice and it should be interesting so that the reader may read the rest of the research article.

You will have to base your research paper on a unique topic that has not been covered before. Youth gang is a large subject and you will need something specific to work on. You can explore the different perspectives and angels. The research paper should be well thought off and you cannot expect to write a good write-up on a boring or over explored topic. So select a topic that is both unique and interesting to the reader.

Topics on youth gangs for your research paper:

  1. The various sub-culture these youth gangs exhibit. How has they evolved over the years and changed from the original idea.

  2. How much does race or ethnicity play a role in the creation of these youth gangs?

  3. The role of a female in such gangs. Are they present only for the boys or they actually have some importance?

  4. The possible ways in which a teenager may get involved in a youth gang.

  5. The approach of the government in curbing such youth gangs and is it right?

  6. How is the society responsible for such criminal elements?

  7. The members in these gangs, do you think they are ever in real risk or just a bunch of bullies sticking together.

  8. How much influence does the drug cartels have in these gangs.

  9. How does the gang’s modus operandi change as the number of members keep increasing?

  10. Why do you think the young people with bright futures join or create such gangs?

  11. Do you think the leaders of such gangs are charismatic and intelligent? The prodigal son?

  12. The violence exhibited by such gangs in educational institute and its effect on other students.

  13. The turf wars between different youth gangs at important cities like New York or Chicago.

  14. The various signs associated with the different gangs and the message they convey.

  15. How has the concept of youth gangs and the gangs itself changed over the decades?

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