A List Of Best Research Paper Topics In Computer Science

Research papers are something that will be with you for the rest of your life, whenever you are going for a job interview or you are applying for any kind of higher studies. You need to be very sure about all that you are putting in to it so that you don’t include something that is exaggerating.

You should always try to keep the things within limit and every detail that you are providing should be authentic and checked twice. There are many important parts of a paper and you have to be accustomed with all those things to so that you can easily come up with something nice. If you are not aware of those things then you will find many difficulties in completing the paper smoothly.

Some major things about a thesis paper:

  1. You need to get a good topic which is neither too dull, nor too so hard that you end up in lack of resources.
  2. The thesis statement should be made in a proper way with little intriguing details of your works along with the future prospects.
  3. The style of writing should be fixed and should be followed hence wise.

List of best research paper topics in computer science:

  • Computer science is a wide topic and you can get many different topics when you are going to make a paper about it. You have to be very sincere in choosing the perfect one so that you don’t mess up with the execution. You have to be sure whether you can really complete it ina perfect way or else you need to change it for your good.
  • Talk about the Automated Code Partitioning on Embedded Systems
  • In details describe the structure and the working of Code Partitioning for MPSoC
  • What do you understand by FPGA implementation of Processors ?
  • Describe the integration of Simple scalar for Multiprocessor platforms. Talk about how do they work? What do you understand by Optimization and talk about the multi view coding related to it.
  • Describe about implementation of multi-processor simulation and software update in sim-cache. Where do we find a utility for it?
  • Describe in details the hardware designing for Power Analysis Attacks in Embedded Systems. Mention where we can use them for our benefit?
  • Talk about the latest trend of the interactive GUI Design which is being used for code analysis. Can they be used to change the visuals of the software?

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