Looking for controversial topics for argumentative research paper

Argumentative research papers need to be based on issues that are currently in the news or are controversial. Argumentative research papers must contain:

  • Two sides of the controversial issue. There are always two or more sides to an argument, you need to represent both sides. For the more controversial arguments there may actually be more than two sides or views to represent.
  • Solid facts. Do not base you arguments on hearsay. You need to provide data that can be verified, from an established source.
  • Are meticulously researched. Your research needs to be relevant, recent and hold up to scrutiny.

Where to look for topics?

Look at current issues - check out newspaper editorials, check out magazines. If you do use a topic from this type of source make sure that you can back up your topic with academic/scientific research articles rather than generalized points of view. Check out the national news and popular interest programs.

There are some topics that are always going to generate controversial points of view

  • Education
  • The Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Society and Social Problems.

Education Topics

  1. Classroom teaching.
  2. The Curriculum.
  3. Resources.
  4. Student loans.
  5. After hours provision.

This is a very limited list, but gives you an idea of the sort of topics that may be used. You need to address specific issues and make a point of discussing the issues from either side of the argument. Remember to include evidence from data and current research.

The Environment

  1. Greenhouse effect.
  2. Global warming.
  3. Fracking.
  4. Plutonium mining.
  5. Pollution.

Some of these topics are very general and you could choose just an aspect of the topic. Using an environmental topic is especially interesting because it combines both earth sciences and sociological sciences so you have two different fields of study to draw from.


  1. Fitness programs.
  2. Use of E-cigarettes.
  3. Elective surgeries.
  4. DNR directives.
  5. Training for Doctors.

This is a huge area. Just about everyone has their own views on healthcare so whatever you write (as long as it is well researched and evidenced ) will be controversial.

Social Problems

  1. Decriminalizing drugs.
  2. The welfare system.
  3. Unemployment.
  4. Policing.
  5. The treatment of veterans.

Again this is just a very small selection and, just like topics in Healthcare everyone holds their own views and based on their own circumstances and experiences. Although the topics are very controversial, you need to handle your arguments with sensitivity and base them on factual and proven evidence.

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