Professional Tutorial for Good Research Paper Topics

When looking for a good research paper topic you can follow this tutorial to get started:

  1. Consider the Assignment
  2. Think about the prompt you have been given. What kind of style is your essay? How will you format it? Taking these guidelines into consideration, think about what topic you would like to write about.

  3. Think About Your Interests
  4. Your topic should be something that can hold your interests, as the research paper process is usually lengthy. Also, be sure to pick a unique topic as your audience does not want to read something tired and/or overdone.

  5. Consult Your Instructor
  6. Steps one and two are absolutely necessary when selecting a topic. Consulting your instructor can be another system of check for your topic. Some professors will be willing to listen to your topic, providing feedback and guidance.

Taking this tutorial into consideration, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Basket Uniforms through the Years

From the early days of the NBA to today we have see a huge transformation in athletes’ uniform styles. What prompted these changes? How did these alterations come to be? Follow basketball uniforms through the years for a unique perspective on fashion through the decades.

Transformation of Nutrition

What we understand to be healthy to day is quite different from the dieting fads of even just a decade ago. We have moved away from the Atkins diet and have moved toward a more wholesome approach to food. Over time societies have realized there is no real quick fix to body image or dieting. In order to lead a healthy nutritional life, lifestyle changes must be made to institute superfoods and clean foods. Explore how this transformation occurred, and the science behind modern nutrition.

The Age of Electronic Music

Modern music is often a product of electronic beats and melodies. Research the roots of electronic music, and explore the age of electronic music. How is it different from musical eras of the past? There are many different angles on the transformation of music, which can come from the exploration of this topic.

War on Drugs

The United States is in multiple wars. Not only are we involved in national war, we are also involved in a war on drugs. How do this war effect our nation? Are there benefits? What are the fiscal drawbacks? Make an argument for or against the war on drugs, and explore what is happening today.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is the ancient practice of pulling coconut oil through your mouth for an extended period of time. This eastern regime is claimed to have many health benefits. Explore the possible benefits behind this practice.

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