Research paper topics list online are not useful: creating your own list

A lot of students try to find topics to their papers online. They search for ideas on the internet because it is filled with tons of information. This is a pretty good resource to find ideas, but it isn’t really useful because the topics are so general in nature.

Every course that you take is different and every instructor is different. You may find a great topic online that your instructor didn’t even discuss in class. Your teacher expects you to take the information that you have learned in the class and put it into an essay or research paper. Therefore, finding topics online for your research paper are not useful. Here is a way to create your own list.

Most teachers have assigned a text book for your class. Your list is hidden in this textbook. The best places to look for ideas are already at your disposal.

  • Your textbooks table of contents is a great place to start your search. The table of contents is like an outline for your textbook. It is broken down by main subjects and each of these subjects is further broken down into sub topics of each subject. It can be a research topic gold mine.
  • Your notes have a lot of good ideas too. Reread your notes. You probably have already have a ton of research paper topics that you can write about and you have already started gathering valuable information about them.
  • The teacher has given you many handouts throughout the year. These handouts are another great place to look for ideas. You can see what main topics that you have discussed throughout the year to get an idea of where to start with your paper.
  • Your library is another great place to look for ideas. A lot of the books are grouped by subject so you can go to the right section and start reading through the titles for topic ideas. You can also search the online database at your school library that should be able to pull up every book in the library on a given subject.

Creating your own list is probably the best and easiest way to go. You will ensure that you chose a topic that your teacher will like because it will pertain to your class and you will have a source already at your disposal.

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