Research paper topics in psychology that will always be interesting

Psychology is one of the more interesting fields from which to mine topics for papers. Researching psychology has a long history of experiments and the implications thereof. Because psychology has to do with human nature, the results from such experiments and research often have a tangible effect on society and the world we live in. So there are topics you can use for research papers in psychology that will always be interesting, no matter who reads them.

  1. The Stanford Prison Experiment was a shock to the nation, showing how easy it is for average people to do terrible things when given enough power. This is quite shocking, and the way the experiment was run caused there to be a whole number of number of ethical regulations to be brought up. However, ethical regulations like these can impede science. Is ethics worth the cost of less knowledge?
  2. Is there a part of the brain that causes people to be religious? Religion is thought to have a genetic component, though this is just a theory. Is there any way we can determine if this is true, and what are the societal implications of this finding either way?
  3. Can we use psychology research to teach us how to raise children properly? What kind of parenting causes children to be ethical and have empathy? Alternatively, are problems with empathy inborn and unchangeable? There are serious implications for this in the educational system, and research such as this could possibly be used to help us have a more moral and caring society.
  4. Speaking of the educational system, in many countries bullying is an epidemic among students. The random cruelty of children can be immense, and this has a lot of negative effects. This can cause psychological scarring, depression, and in some cases even suicide. Why do some children get consistently bullied and other children do not? Why does this happen? What is the event from the perspective of the bully? Synthesis this research and try to find a widely applicable solution.
  5. Why do people persist in beliefs that are irrational? This is definitely true of financial decisions. So many people made obvious and poor long-term investment decisions, and they get burned for it. People buy houses they cannot afford, gamble, and buy things they do not need. Why do people act like this, and what can we do to educate them? Is it unhealthy to pursue minimalism? Why are things this way?

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