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The best practice for an effective paper is to get started ahead of time. A well planned, well thought out paper, means one that is executed to perfection. Let it stand, you should always start on your research paper as soon as possible. This article will tell you why it is important and how to divide your time. Timeline will be based on a two week period.

Why is it important to take your time? It is important to start early so you can gather your research, plan out your paper, write, and edit accordingly. Starting early usually means you get done early. This takes out the risk of last minute mishaps. Too often when you write at the last minute things go wrong. How many times has the printer been out of ink, computer shut down before you saved, or you were out of paper? It happens to the best of us, but this should be avoided at all cost. But if you are still terrified with the idea of writing the paper by yourself, you can always type write my research paper for me' in the internet and get a relief within few minutes.

Dividing up your time

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Day one: Paper is assigned. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines, and rules for constructing your paper.

Day two: Think about the subject matter of your paper and start thinking about the thesis.

Day three-five: During this time a thesis should be developed, or at least in the works. At this time you should begin to collect your research. Look at several scholarly sources, as this is a collegiate paper. Only utilize sources that tie in directly to your paper, leave out research that is loosely related.

Day six-seven: On the sixth and seventh day, you should begin to plan your outline. Include your thesis as the center, main points, and supporting details. Be sure to note where you want to place your research at. The outline should be finalized on day seven.

Day eight: This should be a rest period. Give yourself a break from thinking about your paper, and clear your head. Be ready to start up again the next day.

Day nine-ten: Write, write, write. Be sure to stick to your outline and utilize clear language, and a confident tone.

Day eleven: On this day take ½ daybreak. Go do something fun, or simply relax before picking up your paper.

Day 12: On the final day you should edit your work from top to bottom. After you have finished editing, you must print it out and turn it in.

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